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Do you own a car? Do you know that getting a smog check done is a very important thing to do as a vehicle owner? It‘s a procedure that has been certified and must be done on any vehicle that has its registration done under the motor vehicle department (DMV). The purpose of this is to improve the quality of the air we breathe in, making it cleaner by bringing a big reduction in the rate at which toxins are being released into the environment. It’s the reason a smog check is required, and it is always stated on the renewal notice of your vehicle issued by the DMV.

The good news is that you do not need to go too far to get your smog check done; you can visit our testing center for a qualified smog check service. Our smog station possesses the certification to perform smog checks and any vehicle, so you don’t have to worry about not getting your check done. Visit our center today and let us offer you a quality smog check service.

Why Should You Consider Our Smog Check Services

Smog Check Las Vegas
Affordable Service of The Best Quality

You should always get the best of service, and that’s what we offer you. We are a team of testers who are qualified and have a lot of experience to make sure we serve you to the best of our capacity and at a very affordable rate.

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Fast and Qualified Smog Check

Get your smog check done by a qualified center in no time at all. We are star certified and will offer you the best quality testing service that your vehicle needs without compromising, so why don’t you trust us and let us serve you while you relax with a drink in our convenient waiting room.

Smog Repair Las Vegas
Great Client Reviews

We prioritize our customers, which is why we always ensure to satisfy their vehicle needs. Our customers love our high-quality testing and customer service and have given us the best reviews, so instead of asking yourself for a “smog check near me“, why don’t you head to our center and enjoy these services as well? You’ll not regret it.

Trusted By Clients
Star Certified Smog Check Service

Smog checks are good but do you know what is better than that? A star certified smog check. Compared to the regular smog check, this particular smog check is highly recognized by the motor vehicle department (DMV) and is only done at a star certified smog station, and that is what we are. Please bring in your vehicle regardless of which they are, and let us give you the best service.


We carry out all types of smog checks you can think of. We plan to satisfy our customers by providing the best and most affordable, high-quality service. Our service cost goes as low as $9.99, and it is the cheapest you can find, so why not head to our testing center right now and enjoy the service.

Here is a list of some of the tests we carry out:

  • RV smog checks
  • Renewal of annual smog check
  • Smog check for a change of ownership
  • Smog check for all vehicles
  • Smog checks required by the DMV
  • Smog checks for diesel
  • Certifications for smog checks
  • Star certified requirements
  • And many more…
Smog Check Las Vegas

excellent & professional service

We at Stop N go auto center is your qualified enough to be our first choice for all your vehicle smog checks. We perform our tests on all vehicles, so you do not have to worry about not getting your vehicle tested, and the best news is you can get enjoy our fast and quality services for as low as $9.99.

There are situations whereby your vehicle fails the smog test. In situations like these, we always for a retest, which will be active within the next 30 days. It helps remove the regular inconvenience you will encounter when taking it for repairs and coming back.

Our services are the best you can find, so why wait till the last day, hurry up to our testing centers and get yourself affordable, high-quality tests for your vehicle.

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We are locally owned and operated as an Auto Repair, Service and Emissions Station company originating from Las Vegas, Nevada. We guarantee all work in writing and we don’t do the work until you authorize it.

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