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About Us

About Us

Located in the Decatur Blvd of Las Vegas, Stop N Go Auto Center is dedicated to the highest quality auto repair and service. We value 4 things more than anything else: professionalism, honesty, efficiency, and customer authorization. By giving these details top priority, we’ve been able to establish a reputation as one of the most trusted auto centers in the state.

The combined expertise of everyone on our crew allows us to offer an unusually large amount of services. From standard services like oil changes and tire rotations all the way to classic car restorations and engine rebuilds, we pretty much do it all. And we say with confidence that we do it all well. We GUARANTEE that when you bring your car to us, no matter the reason, you’ll never want to take your car anywhere else.

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The Stop N Go Auto Center team has over 25 years of combined experience in the auto repair and service industries.

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Good news, bad news, recommendations, and everything in between—we are sincere and truthful in all our communication.

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We run a tight ship at Stop N Go Auto Center . All of our services are performed with surprising speed while still maintaining our meticulous standards.


“Had some minor damage on my wife’s vehicle that caused the light blinker to not work. Came in to see how much it would cost to replace the light bulb, and they offered to do it for free. They were pleasantly nice, so I asked how much to repair the minor damage and was offered a good price. I’m still trying to convince my wife to fix the damage, but since it is an older car, and still runs great, she feels it’s not worth to fix it. Hopefully I can convince her to fix the vehicle and post another review if we get it fixed. An overall great friendly experience!”

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“As a former owner of a small car sales lot. I can tell the difference between mechanic shops that try to get over and ones who don’t.

The folks at this one not only have the greatest customer service but they also go above and beyond to help you save money if they can while also repairing your vehicle.

They even give you a ride home and pick you back up if need be.

And you’ll be hard pressed to beat their prices with the exception of doing it yourself. I travel Nationwide and have had car problems in various cities this shop is 2nd to none and honest and fair. I pray they have continued success. I’d highly recommend this shop to anyone.”

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Lindsey Lowe